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About us

Sandawana Castings Ltd and Truscanian Foundries Ltd have combined their experience and expertise to offer the ultimate in cast component solutions.


Harmonising traditional foundry skills with the latest technology. We believe in close working partnerships with our customers and much of our success can be measured by the firm relationships that have been forged over the years with blue chip companies in many industry sectors.

Lucy Castings has fully integrated computer systems which are specifically designed for the casting industry and give us the capabilities to fulfil any project requirements.

We welcome early involvement in individual projects and are more than happy to offer our advice based upon sound technical expertise and many years of practical experience in producing castings. From initial design, through pattern and tool makingprototyping and production runs we will provide a quality product and a quality service.


  • Prototypes
  • Batch production
  • Spot order volume
  • Cast weights up to 750Kgs
  • Numerous electric and gas-fired melting furnaces
  • Multiple low to medium volume production lines
  • Primer paint facility on site
  • On-site machining capability
  • Short lead times

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Services Lucy Castings Provide


Iron Casting

Iron casting is one of our three principle types alongside aluminium sand casting and aluminium gravity die-casting. The manufacture and supply of iron casting components has been an integral part of our business for over 200 years.

Aluminium Sand Casting

Sand casting is the most versatile aluminium casting method where virtually any pattern can be pressed into a fine sand mixture to form a mold into which the aluminum is poured.

Aluminium Gravity Die-casting

Gravity die casting, in which molten metal is poured into a steel or cast iron die is normally used for medium to high-volume production. Accurate parts, requiring a minimum of machinery, can be produced via this very effective aluminium casting meth

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Lucy Castings (Oldbury) St. Martins Industrial Estate, Engine Street Oldbury, West Bromwich, B69 4NL
Tel: 0121 552 3011

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